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With our inability to kill Arcann and Senya at the end of Chapter 16, it seems certain they will make a re-appearance in KofET. As we were not able to conclude our epic battle against Arcann in a decisive way this had lead me to believe that it has been set up to tell the Arcann redemption story, through the love of his mother he could be redeemed. I.e. in some ways a flip of the Vader Story where through the love of his son he was redeemed. However the more I think on this the more ridiculous this would make the story.

First off Arcann is a war criminal, if you take his actions in the Galactic War to be outside the scope of this he has still used the fleet and star fortresses to bombard civilians killing women, children, pregnant mothers, kittens etc. There is almost no one that would be able to forgive what he has done. He has order his own troops to kill the other half, wiped out the scions, held the galaxy to ransom, the list is far more extensive and the sufering caused would be so wide spread as his demanding of tributes no doubt has caused starvation and people not getting the correct medical care etc etc. He is the number one bad in the galaxy and has been for 5 years. So this is going to lead to problems.

First the outlander has no authority to pardon him for his crimes. Yes the outlander can forgive him for the carbonite nap, for trying to kill him and his allies, for the loss of his love interest (who has not returned). What they can't pardon him for his the war crimes committed while they were sleeping or done to worlds and people the outlander has nothing to do with. Now he doesn't have to be the one to kill Arcann but he can't say all is right you can go free.

Should the outlander do so he would have a revolt on his hands, everyone that signed up to the alliance to see Arcann brought to justice would feel betrayed (rightfully so) and in the eyes of the galaxy the outlander would be condoning Arcann's actions as alright as long as he says sorry. The military would rebel that instant. 'Yeah you told me to go into battle and risk my life, but you know what why should I risk my life to bring down Vaylin your only going to set her free if we do defeat her. Worse yet you want me to go kill a bunch of soliders just doing their duty and the person ordering it you are going to pardon. Screw you Outlander!'

Morally it is even worse, if the precedent is set by the outlander that you can do whatever you want but when your beaten and lose your forces you say oh I did bad, no one would have any respect for the Outlander. People can steal from you, try to murder you, imprison you for 5 years and as long as they say they are sorry its fine. And they don't even have to say it till you have them beaten. I steal from you and if I get away with it I'm better off, if I get caught all I have to say is I'm sorry and you will forgive me. How could you not you have forgiven a war criminal for you to discipline any of your troops would suggest what they did was worse that what Arcann has done....

Which is also why Senya has to die. She has protected the big bad, she betrayed you and saved the person that has caused unimaginable suffering through out the galaxy. She threaterned to kill Kalyio if her destraction on Zakuul caused harm to the people yet Arcann who has caused the deaths of Billions as well as half her fellow Knights she sees no problem with because his sorry? Unless the Outlander puts her to death he once again loses any control over his troops. How can you discipline anyone for anything if you forgive treason and betrayal.

So in short should Arcann or Senya be allowed to live the Alliance would lose the support of anyone that had been harmed by Zakuul or Arcann, anyone that believed that Justice had to be served and control of any of your forces who realize they are fighting and killing soldiers just so the people responsible can be allowed to live and pardoned because they are sorry they lost. So unless the writing team wish to turn the story into some kiddies fan fiction where saying your sorry makes everything alright, I think it was a mistaken not to offer closure in Chapter 16 with the death Arcann and Senya. Any redemption story line would just have such a detrimental effect on the alliance that the Outlander wouldn't end up in a Galactic Command Situation at the End of Chapter 9 of KotET