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06.07.2021 , 05:39 AM | #21
I can tell you this is a really CPU intense game, I have a 10700k 5.2 GHz and this game made me find out my CPU wasn't stable, been playing different games for like 8 months never crashed, this game crashed my CPU. I do get microstutters or skipping when I play 1440 120hz with max settings, when I play 4k 120hz, or even 60 same thing. I get between 130 and 210 fps at 1440, and 50 to 140 4k.

Though gsync might have something to do with it not sure.

My computer is a 10700k had to lower it to 5ghz
3000 Corsair platinum ram
And a 2080 140 core 500 memory.
55 cx LG OLED with gsync. I run 444 ycbr 8 bit.

So I'm not sure u getting a new cpu is gonna help.

It seems to have less skips at 4k 120hz so it might be HDR causing my problem. Because a 2080 can't do 4k 120 444 ycbr HDR, it can only do 420 ycbr no HDR.

Nope NVM it's not that now that I went to a wz and fleet 1440 120 is the smoothest, so it def is just my computer isn't powerful enough to do it I guess. Let me try 1080 120hz. Same thing at 1080 120hz. So maybe it is just the game it self, if 1080 1440 and 4k all get studders.