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03.02.2012 , 01:37 PM | #999
<brings the marshmellows and a fire extinguisher>

Okay, enough of these flames. Back I say!

I cannot stress this enough:

If you are opposed to SGRs and flirts, then I'm sorry, for Bioware has said it's going to be in the game.

If you wish to quit due to the future implementation of SGRs, then I wish you luck.

If you want a toggle for romance preferences, please start a new thread in the suggestion box.

Unless you have something to say regarding the topic of the thread, please go elsewhere. All this is doing is making both sides of the issue look bad and fight with each other. I'd rather go back to talking about kittens and sugar gliders.

On topic: Pets are well and good, but perhaps flowers and/or sweets in the game as well? And before someone says something, yes, guys can enjoy getting flowers too.