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12.13.2011 , 09:28 AM | #1010
I originally asked for Monday the 19th off from work, just so I could get in on the last day of early-play, and then go happily to work on the 20th knowing that I'd had the joy of release day without dealing with the stress of release day.

But apparantly I'm more the kid on Christmas morn than I thought, 'cause I'm risking it all and taking today off instead, to see what's behind Door Number Two! As I didn't get my code in until 7-24 I might be out of luck but it's worth the anticipation.

My Christmas is early this year: as my sweetie got me the CE, I'm going to have some play time this weekend, at least, and then the order will arrive sometime next week in the mail...and I'm not allowed to open it until Christmas, lmao.
If my sweetie knows what's good for him, he'll open the box and get the code out at least, to activate the account. Otherwise he's in for a world of hurt, lol!
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