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Is there a way to earn ahead in Galactic Seasons? If I am unable to play for a period of weeks, is there a way for me to put in extra work when I can play to get the experience so that I can gain those levels still, or will it be something where I miss out and have to pay to catch up when I am able to play again? Seems like the price to catch up is pretty steep and I'm worried that I may not be able to catch up if I can't earn ahead.
Earn ahead of what? You can't earn more than 6 point a day from dailies, 24 points a week from weeklies, and 8 points from logging in. You can't "pre-earn" points. But you also don't need to get all the points either. Assuming 150 days and 21 weeks (I think 22 is more likely, but I'm low balling it), the maximum points you can get would be 900 from dailies, 504 from weeklies, and 168 from logging in. For a grand total of 1572 points. You need 800 to get max rank. So slightly more than half.

And if the subscriber track has the 2,000 cartel coins mentioned in the announcement when the system hits live, then technically you would only need around 640 of those 1572 points since you could use those 2k coins to buy 20 levels assuming the 100 CC price stays.