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05.16.2013 , 04:19 PM | #201
I haven't complained, publicly about this game before.

I have loved it since day one, and I have stood behind the devs a lot while the seemingly entitled consumer base went crazy complaining about everything.


The way the dyes are in this update is freaking ridiculous.

1: Making them a cartel lottery is asinine.

2. Making both primary and secondary on one dye pack is asinine.

3. Making the most popular color combos super-rare is beyond ludicrous.

Customization is supposed to be about fun. It's supposed to be about personalization. It's supposed to be about CUSTOMIZING my character the way I want. Not the way BioWare thinks I want it.

I have had a gripe about the "customization" in this game since launch when their idea of "customizing" our companions was choosing one of 8 available faces for them. I have always wanted to be able to use (what is very much like the current kiosk, or) the character creation setup to customize my companions. I understand why we couldn't, and I accepted it.

Then, over a year later, I finally get teased about an entire update about customization just to be completely let down and fell completely mislead. I haven't been able to do one bit of customizing, (as a subscriber since day one mind you) because I've already used my "free" coins this month.

Cosmetic customizations should be available for credits, and not just coins.

Primary and secondary dye packs should be on separate slots allowing actual customization of our characters. New hair styles should be available for all species, ESPECIALLY if you're making us pay for it with real world money, and there should be tons more. At this point, I refuse to buy the human hair styles, as I will just have to buy them again when they offer them for the other species.

This update is a joke.

I will not unsub due to it, but it has also made me vow to not buy any more coins ever. The least you can do, if you are going to charge us real money for some of this junk, is allow us to purchase exactly what we want with said real money.