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I think I forgot to complete some of these Vette's side quests in order to get the Legacy Unlock which gives +10 presence in characters after completing all conversations with X companions and stuff, and my guess is that quest autocompleted somehow since its not in my quest log anymore.

Have I lost the chance forever of getting that bonus, right? Well... I would have to create another Sith Warrior and complete everything again to the point I finish Vette's conversations?

I am pretty new to the game btw, thanks!
Did you start Knights of the Fallen Empire or Jedi Under Siege? (Including creating a start-at-60 or start-at-70 character!) If so, you're locked out of the conversation chain.

On the other hand, the missions to speak to your companions, regardless of where you are in the story, never appear in your mission log, except in the case of companions where you go out on a small journey to help the companion with something. In those cases, you'll get a mission while you're going on the journey, and *some* of them will add a "Speak to your companion on your ship" objective to close the mission.

But once you've done that, there's nothing in the mission log. The companion portrait thing in your main HUD will show a small extra icon if there's a conversation available for that companion, and in some cases you can go to your stronghold or a cantina or your ship to have the conversation. In others, the extra icon looks a bit like a ship, and for those you must go to your ship.

But there's still nothing in the mission log while that icon is up. When you are in your ship, your companions with available conversations will have mission-marker triangles.