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The primary focus for the Echani is unarmed combat and melee weapons, and (at least while dueling) minimal armour with light armour under normal circumstances. Personal shields (I assume the energy-based kind, rather than physical shields) are also a favourite among Echani warriors.
To me, that sounds like a Shadow/Assassin class, but I guess Sentinel/Marauder types could also fit while Guardian/Juggernaut would probably be out because of the heavy armor. Any kind of ranged class would be a tough stretch because of the melee requirement, so anything that focusses on damage from more than 4m distance is out.

Gender-wise (not directly related to the question, admittedly), Echani society is written as highly matriarchal, so would you play as a male trying to forge a path away from the restrictions of the society (who knows, maybe with an underlying desire to be dominated by a strong woman... I am not going to judge...), or a female used to the world bending to your desires?
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