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It definitely depends on the type of content you run. In any sub-75 content, power and mastery will be capped, so there is no breakpoint where mastery augs would be preferred over critical rating augs.

In the SWTOR theorycrafter discord, here, there is a link to the diminishing returns chart

I'll just use Juggernaut as an example. If you swap to that tab, it shows you that Vengeance Juggs (Vigilance Guardians) will benefit from mastery augs more than additional critical rating once they hit 3053 critical rating, or power augments if they hit 3237 critical rating. Mastery augments generally appear to be superior to power augments at all levels. You'll notice from browsing the specific tabs that weapon-damage ("white" damage) heavy classes, like Marksman Snipers (Sharpshooter Gunslingers) have a much wider difference between the mastery and power curves than a force/tech-based class ("Yellow" damage), and so if you are one of those disciplines you may benefit more from optimizing your MAS/POW/Crit more than a yellow damage class.

But that benefit is only going to be in unscaled content: all pvp, Onderon and Mek Sha daily areas, Dxun Nature of Progress operation, Objective Meridian flashpoint, Spirit of Vengeance flashpoint, and Secrets of the Enclave flashpoint. The rest of the endgame content is going to be level locked at 70 and so the extra mastery or power is irrelevant.
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