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We' ve known for a while now that TOR/KOTOR/TotJ was Legends canon, and as such it was not technically canon anymore after the EU reboot. I've always operated under the assumption that as long as a Legends story is not contradicted by anything canon, it can still be counted as canon personally(IE Plauegeis novel).

EP 7 does seem to indicate that TOR/KOTOR won't be able to be considered even "kinda canon" much longer, which is interesting because of all the nods and references, most blatantly the fact that Rakata Prime is a CANON world now thanks to the visual dictionary. Not to mention Ren's helmet is very similar to Revan's. My guess is some of the people working in TFA were fans of KOTOR/TOR and just wanted to sneak in a few references for fun.

I also kinda believe that at some point Disney will want to develop an Old Republic era through the new canon due to its popularity. I am praying/hoping they either recanonize certain things or make a new canon that is similar, but not exactly the same. Whether it is a standalone film, a separate trilogy, a comic, novel, game, or heck even a tv show, Disney knows, especially after TFA's box office numbers that people will eat up anything Star Wars. I think that is a bit further down the line, 3 or 4 years AT LEAST, but I still think that would be very cool. And it seems likely.