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01.12.2016 , 05:56 AM | #11
Incidently, I've long theorized that the folks managing SW these days are KOTOR fans, between the look of Kylo Ren (definate revan stylings) the mcguffin of TFA being a star chart, a fair number of KOTOR referances in the TFA visual dictionary, and now the upcoming episode of rebels.... I'd say it's pretty much confirmed.

if the folks running SW are fans, that bodes pretty well for the KOTOR series, at the very least I expect disney to avoid contridicting it, and chances are we'll slowly see things from it slip into canon over time
SWTOR is not SWG. it was never intended to be at all like SWG. and having a completly differnt design philophesy then SWG will never be like SWG