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furthermore i couldn't give 2 ***** if zerkington's "quality of game" experience is lessened by my early departure just as he isn't the least bit concerned about my quality of game experience by his ignoring of objectives.
honestly, that's the kicker, most likely Bioware doesn't care about your opinion, nor do they of mine, individual posts/opinions are, and should be, largely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. data and number illustrates game health a lot better than what 3-4 ppl in a largely inactive forum does, looking at how they have readjusted pvp over the last year(s) have their comments about future features it seems unlikely that deserter lockout goes away as it only impacts ragequitters and that's not a concern of Bioware

the gameplay experiance/warzone quality of 15 players triumphs the rage of 1

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