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06.01.2020 , 09:48 PM | #1
I recently started playing less than a week ago and also decided to take the plunge and become a subscriber. What I would like to know concerns full set costumes (or armor) purchased on the Cartel Market. The thing is, the way it looks, that you can only have one set of armor on your character at any given time. If you're already using in-game equipment, exactly how can you use the Cartel Market costume/armor sets while you're also equipped with the in-game equipment that drops from your NPC kills.

With other games, you have the ability to wear armor that drops from NPC kills while also wearing unique costume sets to give your character something unique to wear. This allows you to wear both in other games.

I didn't see anywhere that allows you to wear the Cartel Market sets while also wearing the in-game equipment drops. If the game does allow this, how exactly do you enable it?

The other question I have: how do you improve the stats or increase the stats of those Cartel armor sets?