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02.13.2019 , 06:47 AM | #6
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It's correct. I was surprised to see they have priced new decorations using premium materials, including monumental crystals which most of us are never going to be able to get. Masterworks crystals I can sort of understand because as a solo player, after I've geared my main, I won't have much else to buy with them. Fortunately the new decorations aren't outstanding so we're not missing too much. Relics of Ossus have gone the way of dark/light currency - they will be spent on random crap just to avoid having the maximum allowed.
I don't even have masterwork crystals. Only way i been gaining those been in slow unassembled component trade and those have been going for my gear. Main is not even close to full 252 and i also want to gear my alts (so not feeling like using them as mules to gear my main). I haven't had any saved UCs so i am activelly trying to gather that 500 every week to get one crystal.So no joy from these decos for me then. Feels bad.