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10.07.2021 , 04:54 PM | #1
So, I've been playing my Juggernaut tonight, and it's brought into focus the reason I stopped playing him (and my Guardian). It's a problem all the melee classes seem to suffer from.

It's nearly impossible to play because you're being constantly or even CONTINUOUSLY crowd controlled by endless knocks, bounces, stuns and holds.

I fought three Sith Commandos on Hoth who Force Choked me over and over for nearly 40 minutes. That's not an exaggeration. The only time I was able to move was when Unleashed was off cooldown, and once I used it, they would immediately reapply the hold. It began when one used the hold, and as soon as it wore off the second used it. When that wore off, the third used it. By the time that wore off, the first was able to use his again. This went on for FOURTY MINUTES.

Tonight, I went into the Toxic Bombs heroic. Every foe I approached bounced me back. By the time I got close enough to him to attack again, the guy beside him would bounce me back. As I got close to the first one, HE bounced me back.
Eventually, I jumped in to a group, where one bounced me back, and before I landed another bounced me back into the air, then the next one did the same, and the next, and the next. FIVE TIMES they juggled me in midair, unable to act, unable to even LAND. Eventually, I fell through the floor into the toxic goo. Because I had glitched through the floor, there was NO way back up, so I just had to stand down there with no way to escape or survive.
Again, there was NOTHING I could do about it. There's no way to interrupt their endless pulse knocks, and no way to do anything once they've knocked you into the air.

So, I need to offer a suggestion to remedy this.

First, being CCed should provide a brief immunity to further CC. They knock me back, I'm immune to CC for a couple of seconds.
Second, Melee characters, and ESPECIALLY Tanks, need to have some immunity at all times. A brief immunity (perhaps 3 seconds) should be added to one or two of their attacks (eg. Aegis Assault), and such attacks should be blockable (by Shield/Absorb or by Defense).

As it is, playing a melee character just isn't any fun because you're CONSTANTLY being knocked out of combat. It needs to be addressed.