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11.21.2020 , 12:43 PM | #10
Thank you for the virtual cantina! The format worked really well for you guys!

I've taken a good long break from the game due to lack of new story content, so I re-upped with the news about 6.2. Every time I peeked at the forums I only saw gear and conquest tweaks. The new events didn't inspire me to log in, perhaps because they have all become so grindy to get any rewards. (Sadly, the story teaser featured everything I hated about FE/ET, but I have hopes there will be more than stale, re-animated Valkorian family drama.)

I really loved the voice actor interviews! All three were adorable and I'm even more attached to the voice acting in this game because of them. Please to have more in the future! I need to run off and do a photoshoot of one of my lady knights for Kari...

I like the sound of the log in rewards. It has been frustrating as a long term subscriber having so many rewards be re-releases of things I already have. I felt left out, which did not sit well, though I understand you much be running on a shoe string budget. I can't wait to try out the new emote interface! The old one was clunky enough that I rarely used emotes, even though I collected them all.

I missed the first 50% off sale by half an hour. I would have really liked the mudhorn, but most of the new armor really doesn't inspire me. They all have bits and pieces I like, but the chests all have something off-putting about them. Speaking of the GM, I think the Ultimate Packs need an overhaul. They don't drop enough decorations compared to other items. The GTN is seriously lacking in CM decorations. I used to be a very regular buyer of hypercrates, but the Ultimates aren't worth the money. (The direct purchase prices are over-priced, so Bioware isn't making up the difference in my spending there.)
My name is Milind. I checked it again and can confirm you there is no bug with any companion in the game.