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Quote: Originally Posted by SushaBrancaleone View Post
lets assume we both want a ferrari
one will work for it
the other one wants it for free.
we could discuss that the first person might not want it if it was free.
See what I did there?

Games have always been like this, content is available via playing the game (whatever the game implies)
wanting the same things that other players need to work for without having to do anything, because you claim that your activities define you differently from other player... This is NOT TRUE.... everyone (or most) engages in a variety of game activities.
Nor does being a 'special' player give you the right to more rights than other players..
I've met and play with several disabed players who have NO requests of this kind nor do they feel so entitled to moan about not having their way.... I am utterly in disbelief by how insistent this tantrum has become...

Demagogy and sophism's of any sort wont change the above, discussing otherwise just proves the point further.

this thread should have ended with Lhancelot (wise) comment, anything else just proves there is an attempt by a minority of players to 'exploit' their issues up the ladder...
It's not asking for free it's asking to get that stuff from playing something else, not just that stuff magically popping in our inventory...

If the outfit I want (and that outfit doesn't give anything special for PvP, it's just the exact same kind of outfit you can get on the CM) was available let's say as solo FP reward and as a PvP reward at the same time, i'd play solo FP to get that (even if i had to play 100 or 1000 FP for that), but not the PvP part. Because PvP is for me the most boring and obnoxious thing that game has to offer, the second being ops...
It it was available on the CM, i'd pay CC to get that (and that would not be free either).

What bother me the most here is that there was a lot of new outfits alonside that one I want, and the only one i wanted had to be the only one locked behind PvP, because it would not be funny otherwise....

Why not offer as PvP rewards stuff that would actually be usefull to PvPers and not just cosmetic outfits ?