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12.20.2015 , 08:35 AM | #303
Hey all! I am Koljenka from Ebonhawk. I have played this game since beta. Have had multiple accounts. One for empire, one for republic, and another mixed. I am a completionist- I know I know, no life lol. But I do! Ok straight to business! So I kept sending out emails and tickets about missing codexes for both sides, all I ever got from BW Game people was that it exists and that you just have to look harder. Obviously that pissed me off because I am very sure a lot of people including myself looked very hard. Here is the funny part. So for the empire for example, people can't find the Duros Species, well let me tell you, I found it but out sheer and random luck of running through a Duros in dromund Kaas. Same with the Ord Mantell species. So almost all of these "bugged codexes are actually possible but it's not exactly obtainable as you normally would get it. I am going to prepare a well and organized list to show for both sides where find all these codexes and reduce that large number of bugged codexes to a few. So if people don't mind waiting a few days while I start building the list. I would appreciate that! I will probably help out swtor-spy update their list and all since it helped me out a lot before. If anyone else has any questions or wants to help me- feel free to ask! Thanks! And cheers! Will do my best to help out all the completionist!