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The same as some people have open world pvp achievements done when all they did was get people to login on the other side and let themselves be killed. Where as all of my open world pvp achievements were earnt doing actual open world pvp. No short cuts.

The game has changed, evolved or devolved. Itís not the same game we were playing 9 years ago or even 2 years ago, let alone when these space missions were added.
Exactly, you know you earnt your achievements on your own merit and should take pride in that.

There used to be a time when i'd marvel at some of the rare mounts and titles, but now with win trading, people buying raid runs from third party sites (especially for rewards that were for a limited period) or from the forums and whatever other means people have used to circumvent in game challenge I see a rare mount and go "meh". Doesn't bother me that they have it, it just no longer has any "wow nice!" impact on me.

Not that my opinion carries any weight in the slightest, nor the owner of said item should give a toss. Like you say, the game has evolved or devolved and certainly isn't the same game we started playing 9 years ago, it is what it is.