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02.15.2021 , 07:17 PM | #142
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Not sure why some people are hung up on other people getting achievements they feel they didn't earn.

There are quite a few people that got extremely difficult raidng achievements by doing nothing more than paying a progression raid group to do it for them while they ate a sandwich and watched tv. Doesn't bother me that they didn't "earn" their rewards in any other way than paying people off, whatever makes you happy. /shrug
The same as some people have open world pvp achievements done when all they did was get people to login on the other side and let themselves be killed. Where as all of my open world pvp achievements were earnt doing actual open world pvp. No short cuts.

The game has changed, evolved or devolved. It’s not the same game we were playing 9 years ago or even 2 years ago, let alone when these space missions were added.