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Do you start with a conclusion and then gather evidence to support it? I don't. It is good policy to gather evidence first and then draw a conclusion based upon the facts. I don't have evidence enough to tell determine what is going on, and it would be myopic to suggest otherwise. I am also not going to accept at face value what the developers claim when my experience is often very different. If you can find an instance where I have stated, unequivocally, that the system does or does not do [X], please find it. It would surprise me if you could find something as I seldom converse or write in absolutes.

A few nights ago I ran into the same premade for 4 games, then I changed characters and did not run into them. I was solo queuing the whole time. Since January I have not grouped with anyone for PvP. When I do, it is usually just one other person, and only for a game or two. Perhaps it does prioritize as you suggest, but it does a piss poor job of it.
that person is a troll, I actually know folks that work, and have worked with Bioware on swtor and the queue system that is in place isn't complex and logical like know it all thinks.

And yes the current queue system is bad, it can def use a logical update.