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Breaking Point
Chapter 3
(WARNING: this story contains spoilers relating to in-game events for the original TOR chapters)

*This story plays out much like a Flashpoint or a planet story arc using updating information and progressing communications before its conclusion*

-Decryption complete
From: Vaiken Spacedock
To: the office of Minister Davidge

"Minister Davidge. I understand your team was intercepted by assassins on Taris while searching for our missing Mandalorian. We were fortunate to find him before they did. The Mandalorians send us their compliments on fighting alongside their warriors. They may prove useful again in the future.

Now we have the inventory of the container that Darila raided. I have had each item catalogued and cross-referenced with anything useful to this mission. It has lead us one item on the list, labeled as a harness with an attached laser cutter. This item carries a brand logo belonging to Marotech Division: an offshoot partner company of Aratech Industries.
We had to dig into the past to find this link, and it lead us to some Republic files that are hundreds of years old. It seems Marotech was a small branch of scientists and engineers working on weapon and armour efficiency a long time ago during the Mandalorian Wars. The future Sith lord Darth Malak, who was only a Jedi apprentice at this time, funded Marotech on a special trial weapon designed to be able to break Mandalorian armour. His hope was to end the war faster with every advantage. They called it 'Project Breaker'.

They intended to assemble a unique device into a lightsaber that would then be able to slice through any type of metal, alloy, or shield, including Mandalorian Beskar. Their earliest designs stated that the power source would be too much for a single weapon to properly wield or transport. Still, they had promising test results and found that they could create a beam that was capable of cutting any metal, regardless of density. But the beam also created an unexpected test result: it could cut through the beam of a normal Jedi's lightsaber. Any attempt to block or parry this weapon with a lightsaber would be useless as this weapon could disrupt the energy flow without any resistance.

Unfortunately, the Marotech division was attacked by Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders early into their project. All members were killed and their labs were burnt and destroyed. It was never known that a prototype lightsaber had already been constructed, and then stolen by the raiding Mandalorians. They never knew the true value of the gear they had taken.
Over time the prototype ended up on a shelf in a container gathering dust for the rest of its life. If someone were to get hold of this weapon and perfect it, or duplicate it, they could challenge any Jedi or Sith with ease and destroy their defensive stance before the fight even begins.

Darila is a trained fighter, but a mediocre swordsmen at best- thats why she was never taken as an apprentice or given a Darth title. She proved her skills in knowledge, tactics, and alchemy. We believe her next move will be to apprehend a power engineer on Alderaan. Risky for her to venture so close to the core worlds, but on Alderaan there is an old engineer who trained the Anomid engineer Meekis. He goes by the name Randis and lives in a secluded location in the mountains. Send your team there discretely and wait for one of Darila's people to find him. This could be our chance to capture one of her representatives and squeeze them for information. If no one arrives, we can detain him later and move on to the next likely candidate. We'll speak again soon Minister. End transmission."