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I am very happy to see the following post from Eric today:

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Hey all,

We have been reading your feedback since Onslaught launched (and of course from PTS beforehand) on your feelings on the current state of crafting. We agree with your feedback that it isn’t where we want it to be either. There are quite a few changes planned for 6.0.2 in December and we want to give you a preview of those changes today. As 6.0.2 will not have its own PTS, please use this thread to share your feedback on the changes.
  • The materials required for “material combination” schematics was too high. We are making the following changes:
    • Premium and Prototype material requirements have been reduced to 6 each (down from 10).
    • Artifact material requirements have been reduced to 12 each (down from 15).
    • The requirements to convert Premium combination materials to Prototype has been reduced to 2 (down from 3).
  • Although we want to incentivize harvesting over missions for gathering skills, mission inflow was a little too low:
    • Increase overall inflow of Premium quality materials from Missions.
    • Increase material rewards from Wealthy Yield Missions.
    • Reduce the overall failure rate of “grey” quality Missions.
  • Getting crafting schematics when deconstructing gear was too hard with too low of a chance:
    • Broadly increased the chance to earn crafting schematics from deconstructing.
    • Sort of related, we are making a pass to ensure that deconstruction is giving the correct professions materials. Raise any specifics you have where this isn’t the case.
  • Too high of a requirement for Matrixes when crafting:
    • The Matrix material requirement has been removed from all schematics below Artifact quality.
    • We are looking closely at data around inflow of Legendary Ember requirements. We may increase requirements here but this is still being investigated.
  • The materials that you are earning are not coming in at the correct ratio of Premium : Prototype : Artifact to correlate with expenditure:
    • Rebalancing material inflow to match a 7:2:1 ratio that many of you have raised.
These are all currently planned changes for 6.0.2 so please let us know your thoughts. As always, we will continue to monitor crafting data and your feedback post-6.0.2 and make further changes as needed! Thanks everyone.

This does not give everything that we asked. However, it does give a lot. We'll be in a position to keep suggesting that further changes be made, if (as I expect, but we'll see) the proposed changes are not enough.
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