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So basically you want to craft the best gear, with little effort ? Thatís what I read in all this. Pity times massive increase to chances for crits. No effort even though everything was being posted to gtn first week. God forbid we actually have to work at getting stuff. People in MMOís now have such a poor attitude. They donít understand what a grind is. They have no clue how it used to be in games where you literally would have to grind items for months at a time to get the best gears.
You are no crafter and never have been just by the way you wrote your post. If you are then I question your logic.

For golds I expect the insane amount of matts not to change to be on par with making 258 gear. But gear I will never make more than I need to learn the next color up doesn't need such bloat. Take a good look at Cybertech and tell me you want to farm ten thousand mats just to make even half of them gold? Every single mod type and every single Enhancement type from green to gold. Go broke or see you next year.

We never asked for crafting to change and we never expected to get BiS gear out of it, but since they determined that certain sets would come from crafting then they bloated the system. Can't have gear being crafted that you have to pay tech frag and 1 mil credits for being easy. Those that have golds were supplied by an entire guild, filthy rich, or have never done anything other than craft.

I agree with everything that is requested to bring it back in line with how the lower tiers work. Somethings could be adjusted if brought back to the 2/2/2 but if it does not everything else needs to apply.

As far as we know the gear that we will be allowed to make will be bound to legacy making it impossible to sell. Everything that drops should be Bound to Legacy on Equip (BLE)

I can see the gear section of the gtn drying up for the lack of skins or lower gear.
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