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Quote: Originally Posted by Ergecrs View Post
[...] Instant gratification
you keep using those words... I do not believe they mean what you think they mean.

Not a single suggestion in this thread (or any other 6.0 crafting thread) would make crafting easier than it was, in fact the majority of them still leave crafting 6.0 considerably more difficult than it has been.

No one here expects G11 / 6.0 crafting to be easier than the previous tier. Your claims to the contrary tell me you eithe A) don't actually do any seriouss crafting, or B) are a whale that could afford to throw 10s of billions of credits at it.

Either way your behavior is that of a troll. Think I'm wrong in that assessment? Fine, prove it. You've said your piece, now you can move on, since no further reply is necessary... right?
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