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- Wait a minute... Didn't someone post in the very beginning of this thread that only constructive suggestions need be submitted; that there be no bashing of BioWare nor other persons posting in the thread. I find your copying that very statement and then insulting everyone posting here at once to be worthy of nomination to the "2019 MMO Forums, Troll of the Year Award".
You can nominate me for what you like. I have every right to post how and where I want too. Just because someone makes up their own rules does not mean I have follow them. I completely disagree with the entire premise of the post. I feel that crafting is ridiculously easy in the game already and you all only want to make it easier. Itís a joke as is. Instant gratification is not good in games, it makes them boring and people leave quicker when they donít have any real challenges. Whatís the point.