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I would rather play HB than 5 hypergates in a row. HB is not a death match, which seems to be the norm now. HB is a coordinated event for a team to win which has become a lost art.
I’d take 5 Hypergates over 1 Huttball these days cause HB maps are so terribly broken and you have that stupid extra slow debuff if you get the ball.

Which is sad because Huttball used to be my favourite type of pvp until the desync and bugs got really bad a few years ago and that’s not including the new slow debuff that makes it even more painful.

Playing HB well is indeed a lost art these days and Bioware haven’t helped because they encourage people to death match and penalise people who want to play properly with a dumb slow mechanic.

At least with hypergates the death matching is actually a designed mechanic of the map and heavily contributes to winning. Where as only death matching in HB or OPG is detrimental to winning and only deathmatching away from the nodes/doors in the other maps is also detrimental to winning.

Hypergates is the only map originally designed to give your team points for killing the other team. It’s even possible Bioware have noticed that players seem to prefer death matching these days and so they are popping Hypergates at a higher rate to accomodate that style of play.