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Quote: Originally Posted by Calimwulf View Post
But what if I don't want flirt options?
Then ignore them.

Or what if I only want homosexual options?
Only flirt with same sex characters.

Or what if I only want heterosexual ones?
Only flirt with opposite sex characters.

Or what if I don't care and if it moves I want to try to flirt with it?
Then flirt with whomever you like.

Just because it isn't mechanically necessary doesn't it is a bad idea. Some people only want 2 bottom hotbars, others want 4. The guys who only use 2 will think the extra 2 aren't necessary, but they have the option of only using two.
You're talking about extra coding that just isn't necessary. BW:A didn't see it necessary to put in a romance toggle when there were only heterosexual flirts on the table, even though they knew that not everyone would be interested in pursuing them.

You're not just talking about a UI option. The presence or absence of romantic options changes the way the romantic portion of the game can be played. Romance is a part of the Star Wars universe, and same sex relationships have been shown as part of EU canon. It's just as valid to expect a player to have enough maturity and sense to choose the flirts they want as it is to expect them to choose the Dark Side and Light Side choices presented to them.

The only two actually comprehensible arguments I've seen to date in favour of a toggle are:

1) "Gay stuff makes me feel squicky."

2) "I don't want one of my dialogue options replaced with a flirt option."

In order:

1) Get over it. Have the maturity to disregard the same sex flirt options. Your computer's not going to catch Gay.

2) Extremely valid point, easily solved by putting all flirt options, same or opposite sex, onto the left hand side of the dialogue wheel.

But as has been stated by many, including me, this is a topic that we all already know we're not going to agree on. Nobody's going to convince anyone else of their point of view just by going around in circles with this matter. All we're doing is clogging the board and making it hard to find discussion that isn't inherently flammable.
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