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01.14.2012 , 03:31 PM | #1

We're working on a spreadsheet calculating the approximate affection gain of each companion gift at different levels of affection. Right now most of our numbers are theoretical, and would like some help confirming some of the numbers.

We have all the theoretical numbers in grey and confirmed numbers in solid black. Some of the numbers are 1 to 2 pts off because of rounding issues, but we can't seem to figure rank 5 gifts out, it keeps giving us more than 2-10pts off the calculated value.

So If you can provide any form of data for us that would be wonderful!

Just post
Companion affection before the gift
companion name, Gift type, rank, rarity (example: Qyzen weapon-Favorite rank 2 green)
Affection gained

Here is the spreadsheet, hope someone can find this useful!