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I can't speak for the other Ossus decos since I've never seen them, but these two here do exist. I have several copies of the Yellow Crystal Container and I recently got the Withered Tree, but sold it instead of unlocking it. They're both bind-on-pickup world drops on Ossus. I'm not sure why the game lists them as Ossus Reputation, but that seems to be consistent for all of the world drop decorations on Ossus that I know of (things like the Holofire Sconce, some of the other crystal containers, some of the crop decos, etc).
You are correct, the Yellow Crystal Container is definitely in game. It's the Shifting and Void that have never made an appearance.

Do you mean you sold the Withered Tree to another player? I thought all Ossus decos were BOP, but I know that some of the more rare Ops decos can be sold in direct player-to-player exchange even if for some reason they can't be sold on the GTN (like the planetary display decos).

In another post in General Discussion, the question of the missing Ossus decos came up again. If anyone agrees with the suggestions in this thread or can report info on ways to get these decos that haven't been mentioned, please do bump it! I live in (almost certainly vain) hope that some day a dev will see and care.