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Battle Scout Challenge Contest
The idea is to encourage people to advance their skill by flying the ship with the highest skill ceiling in the game. So to that end the contest is not open to anyone who can already fly the T2S to a reasonably high standard. You must be someone who currently only flies Gunship or Strikes, or struggles in Scouts. So, Yui, Invis, Vilgrim, Jhingo, Roland, and many others, you know who you are, sorry, this is not open for existing Aces or strong Scout veterans.

1. Contestants must play Tier 2 Scout (Flashfire / Sting) Or Cartel variant (Skybolt / Ocula)
2. Weapons must be BLC and Rocket Pods (no clusters) - rest of the build is up to you.
3. Game cannot be a stomp. Wins in excess of 1000-750 or 50-35 will be excluded from the contest.
4. Domination and Team Death Match both allowed.
5. Contestants must use their main toon, or one that is known to be them, and can be verified with a legacy check.

The Contest will run until the June 30th 2021. This gives you plenty of time to get practicing. To submit an entry take an end match screenshot and a Performance tab screen shot from the same game, and post them here. Do not spam the thread. Your first screenshot submitted will be taken as your final entry, so probably a good idea to hold onto your best screenshot until June 30th.

1st place. Any item/s up to the value of 1400cc from the Cartel Market. (you will be gifted the coins via a code), or tell me what you want to buy and I will buy it and send it to you.
2nd place. 100 mil credits.
3rd place. 50 mil credits.

How the winners will be chosen
Ideally in this ship you should be playing objectives (<5m from a node) but without video submissions that is an impossible pre-requisite. And the objective of the contest is to get people to mechanically fly the ship. So to that end, the winner will be the person with the most kills. 2nd and 3rd accordingly. I debated basing it on accuracy and damage, but at the end of the day, in this ship, kills matter. Accuracy leads to damage, damage leads to kills.

While the final decision will be mine, I will be in consultation with several other Ace level pilots to judge this. So if you try to fudge this by playing GS then switching to Scout for the final minute, or any other way, the chances are we will be able to tell. It's too much to require video submissions, and not everyone has a PC capable of recording without compromising game play. So if we even suspect you are cheating your way into the win, we will remove you from the contest. In the extreme and unlikely event that we aren't sure whether a prize worthy submission is genuine, you will be asked to participate in a private 1v1 match where your Scout abilities can be evaluated as worthy of the screenshot submission you entered. In short, don't try to cheat it.
-Luc Nodaro
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