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This is a good argument for all LIs being PCsexual, because you're right. We are talking about a game, and lots of unrealistic things happen in games, particularly when romances are involved. It is unrealistic to think that a predominantly LS companion would fall in love with a full on DS PC. Or that all the LI companions would be interested in cross species relationships. Most of the romances occur within the space of half a dozen conversations, which is also not terribly realistic (though I'm sure someone is going to point out that some people get married after only knowing each other for hours, and I'm sure there are some very very very rare instances where those marriages last until death parts them).
I'd like to think everything in this game actually happens in a lot more time than it seems. Otherwise, I'd have some serious doubts about the competence levels of both the Republic and the Empire if I can drop in on a planet, solve all the locals' problems, and pull off a massive successful military operation in a matter of hours. I agree with what you're saying, but I think some allowances have to be made for the format of this story. If our characters' adventures were a novel or a series of novels, with each chapter being one book, then the romances wouldn't seem so rushed. But, it's a game, and there's only so much time.

This reminds me a bit of how romances worked back in Baldur's Gate II - if you didn't choose a wrong dialogue option or otherwise screw it up, you'd get a romance dialogue with a potential partner every hour or so you spent playing. But in that game, an hour of real time could comprise days or even weeks of game time. So it felt like things were developing more naturally. It would be interesting if they did that in TOR - if, for example, there was a day or a week between romance dialogues. I don't know if people would like it. But it would get rid of the "you just passed a major story point and my affection is through the roof, let's have six romance dialogues and the last one ends in marriage" way it is now.

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Sexuality is a part of a person's personality, and therefore informs their reactions to certain situations and experiences in general. So when writing a character, one has to be aware of their sexuality. The problem with PCsexual characters is that quite often, their sexuality is left out as a consideration of their past history and experiences (because PCsexuals don't actually have their own sexuality, they merely react to/reflect the PC's sexuality). This is bad writing and/or poor character design, IMHO. (I suppose one could argue that things work differently when writing for a game, given the limited amount of space the writers have for character development, but I still think that there is a certain level of realism writers should strive for, and working out what sexuality a character from the get go is part of that... Which is why I was encouraged when they said what they said about already knowing which characters would be SGRAable.)
I agree with you, please don't get me wrong on that, but I'm wondering how important sexuality is for the limited amount we get to know the companion characters. Most of their major personality traits and backstory don't have much, if anything, to do with their sexuality. So in theory, it would be possible to write them with various sexual preferences without going against their personality traits or their backstories.

For example: Corso was raised to treat women well, so he would whether he was attracted to them or not. Kira's unfortunate past and her rebellious nature would still be part of her no matter whose robes she wanted to take off. Dorne would still be a stickler for regulations, Aric would still be a grumpy former sniper, Kaliyo would still be a bloodthirsty backstabber, and so on. I haven't seen the full stories of all companions - hell, many of them I've never even met - so I can't say whose backstories would be drastically affected by their sexuality. But so far, I've seen very little evidence that any would.

Like I said, I agree with you that sexuality and personality affect each other and a character's sexuality is going to affect what they do. If the companions were characters in a novel, or party members in a single-player game where we got to know a great deal about them, changing their sexuality could have major effects. But in the little we get to know about them, it might not make that much of a difference. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this, but still.