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I must say that I am hugely disappointed by this news. I really thought BW was way smarter than this. 30% of the gamers in the world own a Mac, in Asia the number will soon be over 50%, that means more people will own a Mac than any other type of computer (*not* counting pads to computer, mind you).

Anyone who claims the Mac is not a platform that a lot of serious gamers choose doesn't know what they are talking about.

Anyone who claims that there is no reason to buy a Mac has absolutely no clue what so ever what they are talking about.

Micro$oft = the devil of the world. Bugs, crappy coding, worthless OS, everything bad. Mac = everything right from the beginning and a great environment to work in.
There is a reason Blizzard has chosen to develop their code base on the Mac and then port it over to Windows. Since windows development take longer time, cost more, is more volatile and will more often result in unresonable and unexplainable bugs.

How can you, BW, can justify the decision you have taken?
You will loose money on this. Not maybe, not perhaps, not a little - you will loose a HUGE chunk of money as a result of this decision.

Why am I not part of this discussion on this forum more? Cause people who cling to the outdate, crappy M$ OS is blinded by their god icon Windows and cannot be made to listen to reason. It's just too frustrating.
EVERYONE (100%) - every single one who has tried to work in a Mac environment around me (and those are many many many) have decided to never ever go back, Mac (or Linux) is so vastly superior in every single way that it's just mindboggling.
But M$ fanboys are too gullible to even wanna try.
And no, I am not an Apple fan boy - I use a lot more OS than only Mac OS. I work with windows (yes, I use it to, to be updated on what crap M$ dishes out), several different Linux dialects, different Unix version and of course Android and iOS. I would like to see a game client for Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac OS.

To not develop for Windows would also be a huge failure of course. I don't deny that the market for Windows is still significantly larger than for Mac and I can respect that you wish to release your product first on Windows since they sale would be higher than if you first released it on Mac. Your development process will be more expensive due to the high number of problems that comes with development on the Windows platform, but you'll get your money back faster.

So Windows and Mac is a given, every serious game developer knows this.
Ok, Windows might have to come first if you want to spend more money developing and then get return faster, but Mac has to come soon after.
Linux and Unix clients should be developed for most games, there are many many many people who would start playing much more and purchase much more games if you started to develop for Linux/Unix too.
And don't come with the crap that Linux/Unix gamers are only an insignificant number of users - you know that there are no games for those platforms so it's irrelevant how the statistics look today.

Developing for Mac OS (which is based on a Unix core) will make it easy to port to Linux/Unix and from there you can also convert it over to Windows.
Viola - less development time, less bugs, less developer frustration, more money, more subscribers, everyone happy.

Why not?
It's been explain numerous times already that the current design won't port because of hooks in code by MS. I'm no MS fanboi. I would drop MS for Linux the moment games become playable on them, but let's be honest. I recognize I can't get these games on Linux so I have an MS machine to play them, much in the same way I realize certain games can only be played on Xbox and not PS3 and I need an Xbox to play them or I simply don't play the. It is foolish to demand MS make games usable on the PS3 for example. These same rules apply to you. You can play this game on your Mac using certain tools or you can play it on a secondary gaming rig. You already do this with console games so why the rage?
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