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So, in your opinion, this companion deserves to be forever gone or killed just because he is a bit of a jerk sometimes? Kalyio is a jerk too, betraying and selling her friend Anspi to the bounty hunters, yet Kalyio was returned and even had her own chapter, in which she wants to kill innocent Zakuulan civilians.
Vette- Vette does not care about anyone and anything, just her personal profit, if you save her instead of Torian she says nothing about being sorry someone else died at the hands of the Empress.
So you see, there are other jerks too, yet none of them is ever criticized, only poor Zenith gets all the hatred.
Even though my consular considered Zenith a jerk and strongly disagreed with some of his decisions, I don't think she'd ever want to get rid of him. He's her jerk. He gave her a perspective on things that she really wasn't capable of taking for herself (she was super LS let's all get along). I think she valued his opposition. He also has that overprotective big brother vibe. As for Kaliyo, my agent adored her (as a friend). They had fun together, and my agent, being an agent of the Empire, fully expected most people tp betray her anyway, so the fact that Kaliyo wasn't that trustworthy never bothered her. My agent started out DS and became LS because of Vector's influence. I'm still working through the warrior, I have a male and female warrior I'm playing. The male feels protective of Vette and the female finds her amusing. I think I went on a tangent, but it was a fun one, so I'm not sorry.