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It's good to see the return of the bounty board. Makes for some highly entertaining RP encounters.

Name: Banik
Faction: Republic
Profession: Arms dealer, though unconfirmed rumors link him to a 2-5 man smuggling operation
Mission Type: Traditional Bounty
Reward offered: 5,000,000c
Reason for Bounty: "Captain" Banik recently placed a highly public ad on Coruscant featuring the Mandalorians as users and endorsers of natural male enhancement stims. Target is to be eliminated and decapitated. Any who wish to claim the reward must present the target's head to a Mandalorian representative on Dromund Kaas.

Sergeant Gojo, an SIS sniper, is a confirmed associate.

Edit: For assistance in hunting the correct target, a text file of the advertisement will be provided to interested parties.

(hologram of a shirtless Mandalorian appears)
Ladies, look at your man.
Now, back to me.
(camera begins moving lower down the Mandalorian's body)
Now back to your man.
Now, back to me.
Now back to your man.
Now back to me.
(camea stops at crotch level)
Sadly, your pathetic man will never be a Mandalorian man. But he can imagine he is. Try Mandozac today, the only male enhancement stim endorsed by the Mandalore the Vindicated.
I'm on a rancor.
(Mandalorian walks away whistling)
I used simple happy language words to help you understand.
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