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~~Bounties Claimed~~

Note: Due to BioWare's recent forum changes, there may be gaps in the information. Please give me a few days to determine what successful bounties were claimed. All information about previous "attempts" from our records have been lost.

UlnaSubject returned into the custody of Drooga the Hutt.

Jeos Dinas (First Posting)Subject fought off two attackers before sustained wounds led him to be subdued by Hunter Decklun Karrde. Subject escaped whilst in transit to secure location. A new bounty was posted.

Ilix RamosSubject successfully tracked from Carrick Station to various locations across the planet Voss.

Ne'yel Shahn
Subject was successfully apprehended by an unidentified bounty hunter.

Tyron StryderSubject was succesfully convinced, via seduction, to hand over an expensive suit. The article of clothing has been returned to the client but Mr. Stryder still remains at large to terrorize women throughout the galaxies cantinas.

Scoria DakhanZeris successfully aided Sith Lady Scoria Dakhan in the purge of seditious elements from the ancient tombs of Korriban.

Xothrarr (First Posting)
  • Escort mission completed by: Pekabo.
The Sith Acolyte Pekabo successfully aided Sith archaeologist Xothrarr in finding the lost tenets of Tulak Horde. He was rewarded amply for his efforts.

Dakron (First Posting)Subject turned over to local authorities in Sobrik. Subsequent reports state a successful prison escape three standard days after being processed.

HadiasiSubject suffered humiliation for their slight against Fica the Hutt but was left alive.

Xothrarr (Second Posting)
  • Escort mission completed by: Legato.
The bounty hunter escorted the Sith to a remote outpost in the Riflorii sector of the Advozse Hegemony. The Sith downloaded the necessary information he needed from the outpost's computers. Legato declined the bounty payment and the bounty is now closed. Xothrarr has stated that while Legato's aid was essential, he has found the Advozsec's theories on blood purity to be, quote, "A great deal of nonsense."

Jae'da Sin'lari
  • Traditional bounty claimed by: B'arin.
The hunter attempted to turn the mark over to an Imperial waystation but they turned down taking her into custody. Jae'da's allies allies caught up to B'arin and bribed him to secure the woman's release..

Jeos Dinas (Second Posting)Subject was reported dead. No body was presented to House Daji of Kuat. Regardless, the bounty was paid to Corvus for his service to the noble house.

  • Tracking bounty claimed by: Aru Korrim.
Subject successfully tracked on Nar Shaddaa and Tython.

IridalaSubject escaped but hunter Texal managed to retrieve the mark's vibroknife, fulfilling the bounty.

Ztaka Vao (First Posting)After tracking the smuggler down to the toxic planet of Quesh, Rax infiltrated the main Republic outpost there and confronted Ztaka and her Wookiee bodyguard. When they attempted to escape, Rax opened fire and they willingly gave up the prized artifact. Having retrieved what he was hired to get Rax saw no further harm done to the Twi'lek, but shot a paralyzing electro-dart into her flesh to ensure she didn't come following him..

Sien Zoth
Traditional bount claimed by: Enoch.
Subject was tracked to Voss and subsequently captured.

SedrynSubject surrendered willingly and was brought before a representative of the Hutt Cartel.

ZentoyoSubject was tracked to Voss and subsequently captured.

Alex Rolo (First Posting)
Traditional bounty claimed by: Kashira.
Subject was tracked to Quesh and subsequently captured.

Rectory (First Posting)A joint contract was established and the target subsequently delivered to authorities on Corellia.

Tyron Ravein (aka Tyron Stryder)
  • Traditional bounty claimed by: Gw'en.
Subject was isolated on his ship and subsequently captured.

Jevv Norok (First Posting)
  • ​Traditional bounty claimed by: Jynro
Subject defeated in a shootout on Nar Shaddaa.

Dakron (Second Posting)Subject captured on Tatooine, safely transferred to the moon of Nar Shaddaa, payment received. Notice - Subject escaped confinement 24-standard hours later due to an apparently misguided cruise missile. Search teams report finding Rattataki remains not far from the incident site. Bodily damage makes identification impossible, assumed to be Dakron.

Rectory (Second Posting)A joint contract was taken and the subject was successfully captured on Tatooine.

Jevv Norok (Second Posting)Aru captured Norok, driving off one of Jevv's fellow Jedi and the bounty hunter Kashira in order to bring the man to face Hutt justice.

  • Tracking bounty claimed by: Dakron
Hunter tracked Kashira from Nar Shaddaa to Voss to Belsavis, completing his tracking mission for the Bounty Hunter's Guild.

Jeos Dinas (Third Posting)
  • Traditional bounty claimed by: Kashira.
After three unsuccessful attempts, hunter Kashira managed to track Dinas down on Taris. The boastful bounty hunter finally defeated her tenacious opponent only for him to pay her the bounty money, congratulate her, and walk away. The bounty had been a ruse by his employers to find competent hunters.

Alex Rolo (Second Posting)A joint contract was established and the bounty claimed during a social gathering at a casino barge on Nar Shaddaa.

Ztaka (Second Posting)
  • Traditional bounty claimed by: Kashira
Hunter intercepted target on Nar Shaddaa. Records cannot claim details of the exchange but an individual bearing Vao's description is rumored to be running a pirate organization in the Outer Rim.

Grzz MeshurikA joint contract was taken and the subject apprehended on his ship.

Xothrarr (Third Posting)
  • Traditional bounty claimed by: Kashira
The renegade scholar was tracked to Nar Shadda. Unfortunately, the target had already destroyed the holocron wanted by the Ministry of Intelligence. Kashira sent him to the Imperials regardless but the Sith has been seen prowling ruins throughout the galaxy again.

Alex Rolo (Third Posting)
  • Traditional bounty claimed by: Kashira
Hunter turned mark over to the Hutts for assault against their various holdings.

Jynro Rathni (Third Posting)Target was tracked to Nar Shaddaa and relevant information was extracted by the hunters.

Hudgaar Oakfell
  • Traditional bounty claimed by: Draeon.
Subject was confronted on Nar Shaddaa

SriiaSubject was confronted on Nar Shaddaa and taken into custody, against the protests of allies.

  • Traditional bounty claimed by: Draeon.

Mikita Bondara
  • Traditional bounty claimed by: Draeon.
Subject was successfully tracked down but Draeon did not manage to retrieve the desired star map from Bondara.

IgdoThis rogue Tusken was found, as so many of our marks are, on Nar Shaddaa. You'd think people would avoid that place by now.

Jynro Rathni
  • Traditional bounty claimed by: Draeon.
The duel between two of the Bounty Board's more prolific hunters was won by Draeon. Rathni remains at large.

Alex Rolo
Traditional bounty claimed by: Jynro Rathni.
Subject was capture on Nar Shaddaa and turned into Hutt custody, despite complications.

  • Traditional bounty claimed by: Equil.
The resilient and elusive Jedi Master was finally defeated in an honor duel on Tython

  • Traditional bounty claimed by: Tervho.
Target was defeated and handed into Sith custody.

  • Traditional bounty claimed by: Beviin.
Cornered on a sail barge on Nar Shaddaa, the target and her associates put up a strong effort but could not stop the hunter from turning Bel'ak over to Republic SIS.

N'exx Grayson
  • Tracking bounty claimed by: Flict.
Target was tracked to Coruscant, where they were tailed for some time around the planet.

FlictTarget was captured after a week long con reached completion.

Possios TsauninTarget attempted to escape initial capture, leading to a long and awkward Toydarian Standoff (involving a Republic Trooper and an undercover Imperial agent) and a with few quick words, Texal managed to reclaim his bounty and return them to Dromund Kaas.

  • Traditional bounty claimed by: Goddrick.
After eluding hunters for the longest period in the history of the board, the space pirate Xhera was captured by Goddrick on Corellia

  • Traditional bounty claimed by: Kel-so

Cih'zii TahrvinTarget tracked to Nar Shaddaa and into the penthouse headquarters of Baktar Medicorp. Captured alongside Sebaya Keto. Turned over to Republic authorities on Alderaan.

Coyen Shukla
  • Traditional bounty claimed by: Macelis.
Target tracked to Nar Shaddaa and grievously injured.

RvgeTarget was subject to the machinations of another Sith.

Arcaelis Sen'Teta Target was apprehended after location from an anonymous source lead to their location. Escorted safely to Dromund Kaas.

Tearendil Fei'masheren
  • Traditional bounty claimed by: Draeon.
Target was tracked to the Western Ice Shelf of Illum and captured.

Zirco Azkeni Target was tracked to the troubled world of Makeb. Hunter downed the target's known associate and managed to talk her into leaving without further bloodshed. Target delivered to Dromund Kaas.

Sarai Kalixys
  • Traditional bounty claimed by: Vivek Eron
Target was tracked to the Nar Shaddaa and captured.

  • Traditional bounty claimed by: Kashira
Target was tracked to the Nar Shaddaa and captured.
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