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~Current Bounties~

Note: Entries marked with an asterisk are candidates for deletion.


Name: Padawan Torlem
Faction: Republic
Profession: Guardian
Mission Type: Tracking
Reward offered: 100,000 credits
Bonus offered: 50,000 credits
Bonus Conditions: Find Torlem without a disguise, or hear someone speaking his name to claim the bonus (like, in /say).
Reason for Bounty: There are rumors that the so called 'death' of the Padawan was faked... Most likely to clear the bounty off of his head and to avoid capture by the Empire. I wish for somebody to bring me proof that he lives, if he's still alive. Deliver all evidence to Agent Sorotki immediately.

Name: Poy'shiri AKA The Golden Nuna or Nuna *
Faction: Republic Privateer
Profession: Smuggler, Spice Dealer, HNN Commentator, Dancer
Mission Type: Traditional Bounty.
Reward offered: 25,000 credits
Bonus offered: 20,000 credits
Bonus conditions: Establish known associates, more specifically the crew she's been running to abscond with Hutt slaves.
Reason for Bounty: After the deaths of a handful of Hutt-backed slave traders, the Hutt Cartel has pinned the name on a woman known to be involved with such contracts in the past. Poy'shiri has a long past of stealing slaves from Hutt slave traders and finding corners of the Galaxy to hide them in. She is wanted for questioning in relation to these jobs.
Known Associates: Golgaron Altiva, Niatara Keryn

Name: Telu'lai Kalamyr
Faction: Republic
Profession:[/color] Jedi Shadow
Mission Type: Traditional Bounty
Reward offered: 250,000 credits
Bonus offered:[/color] 250,000 credits[/red]
Bonus conditions: Upon successfully detaining your target[/b], contact Darth Xenter.
Reason for Bounty:
Wanted to tied to various assassinations and possible links to Republic SIS.
Known Associates: "Venjirai", Krekldev Salane

Name: Krekldev Salane
Faction: Republic
Profession: Freighter Hand
Mission Type: Traditional bounty
Reward offered: 350,000 credits
Reason for Bounty: Wanted for crimes against the Empire. Including sabotage, murder, terrorism, along with a list of other things. If desired, a full attachment can be given of actions the man is wanted for. Once done, contact Arksurim. Also, don't think about prank-calling me.
Known Associates: Frankldev Salane, Telu'lai


Name: Av'tress Delaar
Known Aliases: "Journeywoman"
Faction: Empire
Profession: Mandalorian Commando
Mission Type: Traditional Bounty (Capture)
Reward offered: 20,000 credits
Bonus offered: 80,000 credits
Bonus conditions: Acquire information on the whereabouts of Alor Tahrvin
Reason for Bounty: Target is wanted for culpability in the murder of Jedi Knight Hari Tuulk; theft of a lightsaber; and violation of Article III, Sc 2.33b of the Terms of Warfare, according to Coruscanti Law, regarding attack on diplomats.
Known Associates: Se'baya Keto

Name: Alcyöne Gath
Suspected Alias: The Widow
Faction: Empire
Profession: Bounty Hunter
Mission Type: Tracking Bounty
Reward offered: 100,000 credits
Bonus offered: 100,000 credits (name), 100,000 credits (face)
Bonus conditions: Hear her name (first or last) spoken or get a screenshot of her without her helm on and face visible.
Reason for Bounty: Alcyone Gath violently escaped from a Republic prison, killing several guards. Previously imprisoned for double homicide. A lead suggests that the hunter known as the Widow may be the fugitive Alcyone. Information on her whereabouts will be rewarded - proof of her identity will be richly rewarded.

Player Name: Rath'atan'doro
Faction: Empire
Profession: Pirate/Drug Lord/Insurrectionist.
Mission Type: Traditional Bounty
Reward offered: 50,000 credits
Requirements: Alive
Bonus: Limbs Unbroken
Bonus Reward: Piece of Adaptive Armor Choice of Helmet, Chest or Greaves.
Reason for Contract: This Individual has been known for causing revolts and assassinating nobles on Csilla, later after escaping custody he join the Black Sun Gang and is a Lieutenant within the group, he is known for infecting Imperial Water and Food Supplies with Spice that causes the troops to become addicted within a few days. Finally he is known for stealing Imperial Weaponary and selling it to the Hutts.
OOC: RP fight preferred.

Name: Goldsting. Known Aliases: Henrik Whitestar
Faction: Empire
Profession: Retired Bounty Bunter
Mission Type: Traditional bounty
Reward offered: 100,000 credits
Bonus offered: 25,000 credits
Bonus conditions: Bring the target in, unharmed. There will also be a 5000 credit reward offered to anyone willing to share information about his current whereabouts, loved ones, or current associates (Mail Goldsting, Czerka-sally, Igdo or Igdos in-game.)
Reason for Bounty: The terrorist known as 'Gold Sting', by past colleagues, is wanted by Torjanna the Hutt for the brutal murder of his brother, the once great and powerful Bogatta the Hutt. This monster must be brought to justice for the heinous crimes commit against Hutt kind.
Known Associates: Igdo

Name: Dessarian Rose Shallas (Republic name: Dessarose)
Faction: Empire
Profession: Sith Acolyte
Mission Type: Traditional bounty
Reward Offered: 50,000 credits
Reason for Bounty: The acolyte has escaped once again and used her Force Sight and the Republic to hide in to avoid recapture. The acolyte is considered too dangerous to fall or remain in Jedi hands and too useful to not simply eliminate. Delivery to Dromund Kaas required.
Known Associates: Master Darnell Othone and Master Serimirl Relik

Name: Cih'ziiTahrvin (Cih'ika)
Faction: Empire
Profession: Alor of Clan Tal'tracyn
Mission Type: Traditional Bounty (Capture)
Reward offered: 100,000 credits
Bonus: Target taken down without violent measures.
Bonus Reward: 250,000 credits
Reason for Bounty: Target is wanted for culpability in the murder of Jedi Master Haldrake Vaaln.
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