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~Additional Rules and Mechanics~

"Known Associates"
  • Those posting to the bounty board may choose to list known associates to their bounty information. These individuals can serve as extra protection against hunters. If the bounty is in the company of a known associate when the hunter encounters them, these individuals must be defeated first before the hunter/hunters are allowed to attack their target. Known associates must be defeated first and hunters may not heal between matches unless the bounty mark allows for it. In a case where a bounty hunter is flagged for PvP, the mark and associate are permitted to attack simultaneously.

    Only associates named in the contract may help to defend the bounty and must stand aside once defeated. A bounty may only list two known associates.

"Joint Contracts"
  • Similar to the known associate mechanic for bounty bearers, this mechanic allows hunters to declare the formation of a partnership as they seek a single target. This must be one in this thread. In order for the target to escape, they must defeat both of these bounty hunters and may not heal between matches unless the hunters allow for it. If a hunter is defeated, they may not aid their fellow hunter in the continued fight. If the hunters manage to collect the bounty, they split the reward. In a case where a bounty mark is flagged for PvP, the hunters are permitted to attack simultaneously.

    Contracts can only be shared between two hunters. Groups in excess of this number will not be granted a joint contract.

Please note: Known associates and hunters who do not follow the rules will also be banned from further participation in the Bounty Board.

"Bonus Conditions"
  • If an individual posting a bounty so chooses, they can also post additional parameters for a bonus condition and additional reward. In general, it is encouraged that these bonus conditions foster additional roleplay and interaction. It can be anything from convincing the bounty to come without resorting to violence to seducing the target to grouping with them during a tracking mission without them recognizing you as a hunter. If you offer a bonus condition, please use the following format:

    Name: Captain Maika'ilen
    Mission type: Traditional Bounty (Capture)
    Reward offered: 25,000
    Bonus offered: 5,000
    Bonus condition: Bonus will be granted if the hunter manages convince the target to leave without violence.

Please note: In cases where completion of the bonus also manages to fulfill completion of the main mission bonus payments stack with the reward from the base mission. So if, for example, you engaged in the above mission and convinced the target to come with you without fighting, the reward would be for a total of 30,000 credits (25,000 for the base mission plus the 5,000 for the bonus). Cases where the bonus is exclusive from the base mission, the bonus will be paid separately from the base mission.

Be aware that posting bonus conditions are still required to offer a suitable base mission reward. Don't make the reward for your base mission 5 credits while offering a 100,000 credit bonus. Be reasonable. After all, posting a bounty should be a risk that you are willing to pay for if your character's bounty is claimed.

"Sweetening the Pot"
  • In this mechanic, outside parties are able to add credit rewards to a "pot" associated with individual bounties. At any time, an outside party is allowed to place a sum of credits into the pot. This sum cannot exceed the cost of the normal bounty reward. Additional credits from bonus conditions will not be factored into the sum. Once the bounty is claimed, individuals with credits in the pot must pay their credit sums to the successful hunter within a week.

Basically, this allows the community to incentivize the completion of certain bounties, likely difficult marks and to engage in a long term bet with other hunters on the matter. Think you have the skills to best someone? Toss creds into the pot and see if someone else wants to take up the challenge too. You only pay the credits you've tossed in. If you claim the mark, you've earned extra. If not, you've lost some creds.
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