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Hello everyone. I'm AlyxDinas. Back on Lord Adraas, I ran a player bounty board which offered missions for IC open world PvP and even PvE. The original idea came from my friend Darth_Slaine, an Ebon Hawk player. He ran his own board as well for a time. With his permission, I've been allowed to continue the process. All participation is optional but it can lead to some really interested and suspenseful RP. I monitor the board close, keep it updated often, and generally do my best to provide a fun little "game" for people to participate in.

The system and it's rules seem daunting but they're not too difficult in practice. I will do my best to keep things updated here and on the various Ebon Hawk community forums.

Mirror bounty boards can be found at:

How does it work?

At this stage we are only taking bounties placed by players on their own characters. Once a target has volunteered they will be fair game for any hunters to find in-game. When the paths of hunter and prey cross, that is where it gets fun.

How do I post a bounty?

Keep in mind you will be placing a price on the head of one of your own characters. When you are sure you wish to participate, please post with the following information:

Name: (Please clearly mark the in-game name separately from any titles or pseudonyms)
Faction: Empire/Republic
Profession: "IC Profession" (OOC class)
Mission Type: Traditional Bounty/Tracking/Escort/Delivery
Reward offered: (in real credits)
Reason for Bounty: (Optional -- keep it short and interesting if you would like to use it)

How does someone collect a bounty?

Below is the traditional meathod for "traditional bounty" missions as outlined by Darth_Slaine:
  • They find you and kill you. Any player of any level may decide to take up the hunt and come after you. How they find you in-game is their own business. Once they have you in their sights they will make contact, probably by /whisper but potentially by /duel.

    Now this is where the rules are most important so please read carefully...

    As you volunteered to put a price on your character's head you may not refuse combat with a hunter.

    The default method for settling the fight is /duel. All participants must be willing to /duel if their opponent so desires. If both parties would prefer an RP fight, that is perfectly acceptable -- as long as, and I stress, both parties agree. However, hunters should be careful. If you're flagged for PvP and the mark gets the drop on you, they're in the clear. Likewise, a hunter may get the drop on a flagged target in the open world.

    Does this system favor geared 50s? Yes. They are the best hunters for a reason -- and no one going into this should expect anything but a nagging suspicion that someone might jump out and try to waylay them at any time.
    If your character is level 7 but you RP that he has the skills of a level 50 then you must RP that he has also been successful at hunting... because this system will not help him.

    This does not mean lower level characters cannot play. In fact, part of the fun is never staying in one place long enough for people to find you. It is about excitement, not winning.

    If you want to RP as a hardcase wanted in nine systems... well, this is the way to do it.

    Of course, PVP options are also acceptable for cross-faction or Huttball kills. This might change in the future.

    When you have killed your prey... Or killed the hunter, you must take a screenshot of the defeated adversary and post it to this thread for recognition. Defeated hunters must wait 24 hours before they are allowed to hunt again. This is the only penalty incurred on a defeated hunter. Defeated marks must pay the credit reward to successful hunters.

    Note that the use of companion characters is not allowed unless agreed upon between parties.

Below is the method for completing tracking missions created by AlyxDinas:
  • Tracking missions allow the bounty to potentially turn the tables on their hunters. In a tracking mission, the hunter declares their intentions to track the target publicly in this thread before they take on the bounty assignment. Additionally, they are to send their mark an OOC email informing them of their intention to hunt. The goal is to take a screenshot of the mark at three different locations. However, if the target notices you tracking them, they are allowed to initiate the /duel in order to escape from the hunter.

    If they manage to kill the hunter and post a picture of the kill here, the process starts over after a 24 hour wait by the hunter, after which the hunter may try to record his three sightings once again. Seeing as these missions are more time consuming as difficult, the associated credit rewards are encouraged to be proportionate to the difficulty.

    Note: "Locations" refers to distinct zones on the map. Not entire planets. If you want to track your target around Ord Mantell from Fort Garnik to Mannet Point to the Drelliad Village, that is just as acceptable as tailing them from Coruscant to Nar Shaddaa to Corellia.

Below is the method for completing Delivery missions created by AlyxDinas:
  • This is, functionally, a very easy mission type with the goal of getting two players to meet (and hopefully establish an RP connection). The process is quite simple: One player posts the Delivery Mission and outlines the item they are looking for (ideally something along the lines of, say, an illegal medicine crate or another grey item and not an exorbitant item like a magenta lightsaber crystal). Another player takes it upon themselves to acquire the item and deliver it to them. The two player meet, RP, the item is exchanged, and a small fee is rendered for the service. A small post is then made in the thread informing us of a successful delivery. Ideally, the RP leads to future interaction between the players.

    Outline the contract in the following manner:

    Player Name:
    Mission Type: Delivery
    Desired Good(s):
    Reward offered:
    Reason for Contract:

    Potential RP hooks for these can include any from a Sith discreetly seeking ancient treasures to a member of the Republic military posting an off the records weapons deal to an eccentric collector looking for the next piece in their collection. Additionally, these missions are perfectly suited for smuggler characters who want to do a little RP'd smuggling!

Below is the method for completing Escort missions created by AlyxDinas:
  • These missions are meant to encourage longer RP sessions than Delivery Missions and will be a little more involved. In an Escort Mission, a player posts a mercenary contract in which they seek help accomplishing a specific goal. This can be anything from help with a certain quest to gathering resources in the field or any number of appropriate tasks. The two players would meet up and embark on an RP'd adventure, ideally building a lasting contact in the process. When the job is completed, they post here in the thread.

    Outline the contract in the following manner:

    Player Name:
    Mission Type:
    Task: ((This is where you post the OOC task ie "Completion of Heroic +2 quest "Darkness on Ilum"))
    Reward offered:
    Reason for Contract:
    ((This is where you post the IC information ie "Corellian Transports and Exports employee Jeos Dinas seeks additional aid while protecting company assets on the planet Ilum from the Sith."))

    Potential RP hooks for these missions could include a Jedi archeologist seeking additional help exploring an ancient tomb to a scientist wanting to study the legendary Sarlacc and much, much more! These missions should encourage extended interaction and IC questing, hopefully opening up players to the larger community and even creating potential plot hooks for future adventures!

Are these bounties real?

Yes. If you say your death is worth 500 credits, be prepared to pay 500 credits if defeated -- so don't go posting bounties you can't afford! If cost is a concern, don't don't post a massive bounty on your head.

Can you give an example of how a traditional bounty might go down?

Example: Slaine has a 38 credit bounty on his head. Hlemmur sees him on Hutta and decides to cash in. Hlemmur whispers Slaine to suggest RP combat but Slaine insists on a /duel. The two fight. Hlemmur wins. Slaine pays Hlemmur 35 credits. Hlemmur posts a screenshot of the defeated Slaine to one of the bounty board threads.

What if I decide not to pay?
Non-payment is frowned upon by the Syndicate. Anyone who does not pay will be banned from the bounty ring permanently. Likewise, those who attempt to post false information will also be banned.

Do I really die?
No. Unless you want it, this is NOT a perma-death situation. You can decide how your character got away after the bounty is cashed.

Can I post a non-violent bounty?
Yes. You can ask that something be stolen from your character or that they be intimidated -- something like that... as long as there is a way to decide if the hunter is successful. If you wish to try something like this, make sure you explain exactly what is required in the bounty notes if it is beyond trial-by-combat.

Why would I go out of my way to offer money to have my character beaten up?
To prove you're tough? To show that the hype you've created for your character is justified? To show people you are dangerous?

Or, to have some fun, spontaneous RP.

Why not just PVP?
Why not do both?

This system places lower level characters at an unfair disadvantage!
Yes. You must either level them or acknowledge that other players will be more powerful than they are. But, to make it seem fair I will put one of my own low-level characters on the Bounty List.

The rules are subject to change and the creation of new mission types and challenges are encouraged. Just be sure to post the details of your concept here for finalization first.

The following post after this will be used for the outlining of additional rules.
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