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At the suggestion of another user while we were discussing the recent collections unlock prices increase for the Star Cluster pack

Quote: Originally Posted by Andryah View Post
I'm going to guess... (and yes, it's a guess) that this is somehow tied in to the inequality of drop rates as well in the new pack.

What do I mean? Well... I think... possibly... they set the wrong rarity tag and drop rates on some pieces in the sets (see my thread up in the bug-report forum) and that the CC prices are somehow driven off of rarity/drop rates.

I suggest someone launch a thread requesting clarification up in Bug Report Forum for this issue.
Basically are the items incorrectly flagged as being more rare than they are and because of that, the prices of the sets and items to unlock in the collections are higher than normal?

Is it intentional or a bug?

If it is a Bug then it would make sense, but if it is intentional can we get come clarification as to why this is different from all the previous packs we've gotten?

Thank you for your time and effort into this matter.
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