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I would say that the Voss-Gormak alliance was less "fully" than you suggest. Yes, they work together, but there seems to be still an undertone of grumpy subhostility. The habits of centuries die hard, I guess.

All in all, a good summary of the known lore. Nice.
Fair enough on the alliance, and thank you.
As for my theory on the Dark Heart and Sel-Makor's origins, those are what seem to make the most sense. The Dark Heart resembles Sith ruins on Korriban and no other Sith ruins exist, so it can be assumed the Sith who enslaved the Gormak originally built it. A number of chambers/areas in the Dark Heart (Deep Cradle, Chamber of Ashes) are known and still sacred to the Voss, implying that their ancestors who defeated the Sith most likely claimed and studied it's secrets the Sith left behind. Sel-Makor was most likely a rival of the two other elders who were imprisoned in the Avatars, given the Gormak/Voss' hypersensitivity to the Force. He probably "evolved" into a Force-entity the same way Tenebrae/Vitiate did, hence his ability to inhabit bodies in some cases (when he controlled the Emperor's Voice) and even rival the Emperor in terms of power. He most likely became too powerful and greedy and eventually turned on his brethren, which led to the Voss abandoning the area and possibly to the Gormak being more wary of the Voss as a result (perhaps he tried to oppress them)