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OK I just did the PTS for the new "Welcome Window" ?

I'm guessing that this is the new drop down menu? Had 3 new sections to it?

Quote: Originally Posted by OlBuzzard View Post
IMO: it is evident that the team is attempting to add something new.
** What is the primary reason behind the addition ? Again it's obvious that someone has done a lot work to this. But some of it seems redundant to what already exists. Will the current system be removed in favor of this ??
** Are the benefits genuine enough to warrant the changes. (Particularly since the team really is making an effort to improve the game). I'm guessing that maybe this was an attempt to make some things easier to find ? I'm not sure if that is the end result though.
** Will the changes affect the current customizable format that most of us obviously enjoy a great deal. The current UI is REALLY nice... PLEASE don't mess it up ! From what I've seen the old system is still there and still just as easy to customize. Even the new addition was something I could move around and place where I wanted to
** Can we customize the new additions: placement and orientation to the relevance of necessity for me / size.

Again seemed straight forward. But to be perfectly honest I'm not sure what the advantages might have been. I could have easily over looked something.

These are some basic questions for me at this point. I'm quite certain that there are some more that are better.

Again: I'm not trying to get on any ones case about this. I like the game.

But please: work with us on this !!
I added some more stuff in another color my thoughts etc

OH ! If there is something we are not seeing I might suggest to please post some more questions for us to review. I'm not opposed to changes that is inevitable in any game.

Also if this is NOT the new component you are talking about then I didn't see anything else new! (sorry that may sound a bit silly but it's true ! )

Quote: Originally Posted by DanielSteed View Post
Hello everyone!

With today's PTS update we have added a new welcome window. This window will highlight three different categories:

  • Your next Crit Path Mission (or Generic Activity Finder if you don't have any)
  • The current Conquest (and your personal goal)
  • The featured Cartel Market Item

This feature is still being worked on, so some players may have issues with the chat window. If the chat window is minimized, it will not come back for the rest of the play session. Resetting the UI with ctrl+U will temporarily cause the chat window to come back, but it'll go away the as soon as you say something.

Let us know what your thoughts are with this new addition!

Edit yes this was what I found.

It's not that bad depends on what your total approach is going to be.

Not trying to be rude so don't take it that way.

Hopefully my $.02 helps a little.

Again... if you are looking for additional perhaps more specific data / input please ask additional questions.
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