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I ask for at least three exceptions: character love threads; Suggestion Box forum threads; and Bug Report threads.

As stated already, the (character) love threads can be inactive for some time, but reawaken to activity when a character has new content. Such as Vector's cutscenes for the IA with his alert and after completing Onslaught. Or when a new player wants to join in the conversation with like minded individuals.

Jackie requested that I send her an example of the character love threads in a PM. I sent Vector's (personal bias, lol). She asked how many I thought there were. I couldn't venture a guess as to precise numbers but I pointed out that it was probably safe to assume any romance option had one, and that it might be wise to assume that most, if not all, of the vanilla companions had one.

I hope that they listen and keep those threads unlocked. Sometimes responses are few and far between, but I think they should remain open.

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