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07.26.2020 , 11:05 AM | #9936
I had a HS today, where my level 74 shadow dd was the highest level character, so it fell to me to 'tank'. The others were always waiting on me to start the fight - which was ok for me. But what wasn't ok was, that we had a scoundrel healer (level 50+, so they had some pretty decent heals already), who did a really poor job in healing or cleansing. So there were some wipes. We made it to the last boss and he did die in teh first try.

A very nice flashpoint today was Battle of Rishi with my Marauder. I haven't done that flashpoint in a while and said as much (in case, I would forget a boss mechanic) and some player explained all the bosses. We had some nice chitchat between the fights and everything was nice and fluffy.
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