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04.01.2021 , 12:16 PM | #16
Jedi... would be Obi'Wan. About the only thing I would have changed about the fellow, involves a certain Duchess of Mandalore. Of course, that would have left a Skywalker (possibly more than one) without a teaching master... but that might have been good, too.

Sith. That one is a bit harder; depending on whom has the title at the time... the first Darth Traya was delicious in how she set things up... but Darth Marr has the whole style of evil for the... good? survival of the species/Empire down. I do wonder about a timeline wherein he was born in the Republic instead of the Empire, but, hey. Too many Sith are Evilishis for the sake of Evildom, with no... vision. Traya and Marr go beyond that.