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"Usually the game itself scales the enemies according to what the parties average Gear Rating is"
That is completely wrong.

The only place the enemy level will change according to the players level (level, not gear rating) is the rakghoul tunnels.

Players will either be bolstered to level 70 (veteran flashpoints when under level 70) or level synced (basically lowers mastery/endurance/health/power to a predeterrmined number) to either the planet level, or level 70 (most legacy pve group content is now level 70). The higher your gear level, the higher those predetermined numbers are. Level syncing the majority of the endgame content was done when 6.0 came out, which was a very baffling, and annoying, thing to do. Google it if you want to.

This is a good starting point for endgame gearing:

For the harder endgame content I suggest getting to 306 gear level, or near that, and to have decent stats. A good player can do fine without the higher gear levels, but it makes things easier overall if you have decent gear.

The simplest way to get to basic 306 gear is to spam VETERAN flashpoints. I suggest getting a tactical asap, it really improves performance. With basic 306 gear, reasonable stats, and a decent tactical you'll be good for most endgame content. Set Bonus gear, augments and all that fiddling for perfect stats can be done at your own pace.
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