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09.23.2021 , 10:24 AM | #2
My thoughts? Way back when 6.0 dropped I did the math and saw how easy it was to get to basic 306 gear by spamming vet flashpoints and didn't bother getting to the gold tier onslaught crafted stuff.

The crafted war-forged gear have fixed stats, which makes them inferior to even the basic sha'tek gear.

Also: if you get to basic 306 iRating from fp spamming, and wear it while crafting the set bonus schematics you buy from Kai (force bound is about the only worth-while one) then you are crafting 304/306 gear right away, no reverse engineering required. Those sets are fully moddable, meaning you can rip the mods/enhancements out to put into weapons, leaving only the hilts/barrels to buy with tech frags.
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