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Just because the situation was difficult that doesn't erase the consequences of their actions: so they could survive, thousands more died. I simply believe Zenith's rage is justified when he discovers the truth. It would also be good to point out there's a difference between "maintaining at least decent relations with the Empire" and betraying their comrades which ends up leading to their deaths. Ultimately, we don't have enough information about the subject: were they tortured, or did they do it to get a better life under imperial occupation? Very different scenarios.

I also fail to see why the Republic should be blamed and the Empire not, you know the faction who actually occupied, tortured, murdered, and terrorized the inhabitants of Balmorra.
Zeniths actions are absolutely not justified. He, in fact, acts the same way as the Empire. He doesn't care about the reasons, if you dealt in any way with the Empire, you are a traitor and deserve to be killed.