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I have to say that after recently doing a playthrough of the consular story and bringing Zenith along with me everywhere, I don't see him like that at all.

Zenith is extremely passionate about people who are just trying to survive, hell he knows better than anyone what those people go through, he cares deeply about balmorrans and other refugees of the Empire. (Not to mention his obsession with ensuring the consular is safe.) After playing through all of the planetary quests and paying attention to what he approved and disapproved, Zenith simply has no mercy for imperials, and it makes sense due to what they did to his homeworld, he's obviously deeply scarred with it.

Saying that he would "throw people under the bus if it is good for Zenith", doesn't correlate with what I saw with him at all, in fact, Zenith would disapprove every time I decided not to help someone and would approve every time I decided to help right away. Bluntly put, he doesn't believe in second chances, he doesn't believe in forgiveness and he does see things a bit too black and white when they are a lot more gray, but ultimately I would say his heart is in the right place if a bit broken because of his past.

To be honest, I never got why so many dislike this character so much and after doing a full playthrough of the story with him, I understand it even less. I would personally say he is one of the most interesting companions the consular has.
Most of that is derived from Zenith's story. I think a lot of people get turned off by Zenith on Balmorra, your very first interaction has Zenith wanting to kill someone in cold blood, and then they see what happens during their story, and that gives a strong impression. In Zenith's story they are willing to use blackmail, deceit, and lies to further their own goals, they show a lack of compassion for people who were in a bad situation and had to make tough choices for their families, and are then blasť about the fallout. If one's interactions with Zenith do not extend beyond the ship, and are entirely formed by Zenith's story and their reactions to choices made during on-ship cutscenes, it is entirely understandable why some come to the conclusion that they do.

I am hopeful that we will see some character growth in Zenith when we are reunited, but from the snippet presaging Zenith's return that we have received it seems like Zenith has merely fallen back into fighting the same old battles, and that will likely mean that Zenith has not grown as a person.
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