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Personally i do not understand this intense hatred for Zenith.. what's wrong with the guy? Everyone,but absolutely everyone hates him and i find this a bit hypocritical , since everyone loves Kanaan, Ezra,Ahsoka and Hera - they are rebels and anti-Empire too, remember?
True, they are all rebels who are anti-Empire. But Zenith has no compassion for people just trying to survive. Zenith is willing to throw people under the bus if it is good for Zenith. Zenith embodies the "with me or against me" mentality. That does not apply to Kanan, Erzra, Ahsoka, or Hera.

Every class has a companion or two who embody the traits that are antithetical to the expected trajectory of the class story. The Consular is expected to the light, or at least light grey, and Zenith, and to a lesser extent Qyzen, is the dark side Consular companion.
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